Ancient Greek Vase Paintings

November 3, 2010


Much of the art from ancient Greece appeared on their vases. The subjects shown most often in any Greek paintings were their gods and myths. The Greeks told stories of their gods and the myths of their great successes through their art. An example of this is the story of the Odyssey. In many of the Greek vases it shows various scenes from the Odyssey.

Here are two examples of scenes from the Odyssey. The first one shows the scene when Odysseus escapes the cyclops Polyphemus by hiding on the bellies of the cyclops’ sheep. The second painting shows the scene where Odysseus hears the song of the sirens and is struggling to go to their music, but cannot because he tied himself to the mast. The heroic story is told through their art. Both of these paintings are shown similar to that of the Egyptian style, they are very rigid and orderly. This was before the Greeks began exploring and bending the rules of art, so the rules of the painting were very strict.

by Esther


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