“The Girl With the Pearl Earring”

November 4, 2010

Johannes Vermeer’s painting of the “Girl With the Pearl Earring” is considered to be one of his best masterpieces. What I find most interesting about this painting is the lighting and how it directs the viewer’s eyes to the pearl on her ear. When I first look at this painting, I notice her eyes. They are bright and looking directly at you. Afterwards, I notice her entire face, including her facial expression and then her earring. Her earring is the focal point and the lighting is what helps the viewer find it. The expression the girl has on her face is interesting because it looks as though she was caught off guard, like when someone with a camera says your name, you turn around and they take a picture. Was that Vermeer’s intention to make it look like that when he painted this picture? For me, this painting creates a mysterious atmosphere because I begin to think of questions like, who is she? What is she doing? What is the purpose of this? I also think this picture sets a peaceful mood because it is very beautiful and the colors on the girl are soft. There are different interpretations to gather from this painting but, I don’t think there is a right or wrong interpretation for art.


By Erin


One Response to ““The Girl With the Pearl Earring””

  1. I agree with your comments on this beautiful painting. I guess what makes an artist is the ability to convey emotions and feelings not simply to ‘show off’ his technical abilities.

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