Maxwell Parrish

January 12, 2011

Maxwell Parrish was born in Philadelphia on July 25, 1870. He started his art career during the golden age of illustration, which was when he began drawing for the entertaiment. During his early years he enjoyed drawing black and white pictures,  in which he would add a disctinctive blue pigment  into the shadows and other significant  areas. This color of blue was later named Parrish Blue, due to his discovery of the shade. The movement he joined in was seen as classical romantic, where he used soft natural lines and movement in his paintings. He began to do illustrations and paintings for fairytale books such as “Sleeping Beauty”, “Cinderella”,”Snow White”, and so forth. Around 1900 he began climbing in his career. he started to illustate in popular mazagines and books, he began being very well-known for his impressive ability to create such strong  and interesting paintings . His artwork became famous for the bright imaginative colors and the beauty he brought into the pictures. After the romantic classical style became less unfashionable in the 1930’s he began to paint landscape style. Parrish continued to take pleasure in painting until he was 90 years old, He died on March 30, 1966  at the age of 96. Now, after his work and dedication to paintings and beauty, every person who sees his work can discover his beautiful world of illustrations.

by Laura


One Response to “Maxwell Parrish”

  1. Kiersten Says:

    I love Maxwell Parrish!!!! his work is so gorgous.

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