Download this PDF file to view the lecture presentation for Week 4:

FormInArt.pdf (3.66 MB)

In this lecture we focused on abstract painting and sculpture.  Not all art is about the story.  Sometimes an artist will paint “for paint’s sake.”  Sometimes the subject matter isn’t so carefully and literally spelled-out for us.  The enjoyable effect is that we are left to find our own interpretation.

We began to develop a vocabulary of words that are useful in describing the form, or composition, of an artwork. Some examples are:

– Line, Shape
– Space
– Balance, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Axis
– Proportion, Scale, Size
– Repetition, Rhythm, Flow, Movement
– Volume, Texture, Temperature (color)
– Colors (primary, etc.)
– Atmosphere
– Figure/Ground
– Foreground, Background
– Focal Point

This is a list that we will be constantly adding to. Use these words often in your analysis of artworks.


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