Download this PDF file to view the lecture presentation for Week 1:

ArtTrivia.pdf (5.38 MB)

In our first lecture we will learn to be open-minded about art.  Be careful when defining art in your mind.  The visual expression of human emotion and reason can take many forms.  Our author tells us “there is no Art, just artists”.

We focus on the example in which the Impressionist style painters were excluded from art exhibit galleries because their paintings didn’t have technical accuracy.  People would say “my child could have painted that” and other slanderous remarks.  Even the title of “Impressionists” was meant to be a slander.

We talk about the “fussiness” of an artist.  Using examples of some painters’ sketches we showed that an artist carefully thinks through each detail.  For Michelangelo, even the angle of the big toe needed to be studied to get it just perfect. 


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